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Chapter Two - 2018

13-15 April 2018, Coimbatore This conference has ended!
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A debate experience like no other.

South Indian Model United Nations is a quintessential MUN that aims to make the world a better place, one at a time. We at SIMUN believe that education of the world youth would empower the future, thus producing more world leaders who are the need of the hour. Delegates who attend the 3 day conference not only apprehend worldly knowledge back to their school life, but everlasting memories that chisel them to become better individuals. Educating the youth doesn't start from the capital letter of their text books. Real education lies in the power of hands on comprehension.

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What is SIMUN

South Indian Model United Nations is an initiative completely led by students who are experienced in several Model United Nations Circuits of India, which aims to deliver a thorough development of the enticing spirit of the way Model United Nations are being conducted around the world.

Model UN is a debate arena hosted by young debating enthusiasts, who aim to not earn a 6 digit figure but to solve the 6 largest issues the world is facing. The debating platform is open to delegates from 6th grade through all school levels of education. SIMUN also wishes to iterate students about worldly issues and aims to bring a holistic development within students during the 3 days of the conference.

Having a vision of being the epitome and a leading example of Model United Nations in India, South Indian Model United Nations follows the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations Development Program, essentially because, here at SIMUN we are committed to change the world and make it a better place. School level debates have always raised a spark in the southern circuit, attracting highly experienced personas in the field of Model UN to take up the esteemed positions of the Executive Board. SIMUN graciously hosts an extremely effective executive board, tailored for the school level.

Coimbatore has been home to South Indian Model United Nations, being a very accommodating city for the Chapter One - 2017 conference. We're happy to announce that the Chapter Two - 2018 conference will also be hosted in this rapidly progressive city.


Prodigious Executive Board

For a committee to succeed in handling the agenda, the executive board needs to cooperate with delegates and work as one entity. With a carefully handpicked group of the most passionate and dedicated Chairpersons with around 50+ delegate and chairing experiences to ensure that delegates find the right approach to the agenda. As a result, committee dynamics is varied with accordance in order to facilitate constructive debate.

Size and Diversity

Our committees are set up with the motive of bringing out very efficient debate among the delegates, even those with minimal experience. Set out in an environment that thrives on seeking knowledge, delegates with multicultural exposure are given the oppurtinity to explore various methods of debate. With just the right amount of guidance from the executive board and continuous effort from delegates, the constant quench for debate is set to fuel the committee with effective arguments from behind each and every placard.

Customised Rules of Procedure

Be prepared to be thrilled by the revampled RoP, which brings new procedures like providing live crisis updates and many more exciting features. This ensures to simulate a world class, realistic platform for delegates to participate actively.


Outside committee sessions, continuing with our popular tradition of the socials, where we showcase the talents of delegates (contact support to perform) while also featuring celebrity performances from renowned performers such as Abhay Jodhpurkar, from our last conference.

The epitome of world class debate

The aim to make the world a "better place to live in", needs to be thoroughly dynamic. Delegates who attend, experience a constantly changing scenario that make them respond accordingly. Facing crises in committee enables delegates to test their problem solving skills under pressure. Dynamically shifting thoughts and varying schools of opinions that the young enthusiasts must account while reaching a consensus. These conditions develop a key leadership skill that compiles the necessities one must possess to face the real world.

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This year's committes:

Each committee will focus on expanding global awareness and gaining insight into latest in world politics.

Event Venue

Venue Information

South Indian Model United Nations takes place at the The Indian Public School, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

Event Location

The Indian Public School (Main Campus). 193, Sathy Road, S.S.Kulam, Kovilpalayam Post, Coimbatore - 641107

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Agenda at a Glance

Here is a general overview of the conference schedule.

Day One

April 13th, 2018
07:30 am Breakfast
08:45 am Opening Ceremony
10:00 am Committee session 1
11:00 am Committee session 2
12:45 pm Lunch
01:30 pm Committee session 3
03:30 pm High Tea
04:00 pm Keynote Address
05:00 pm Recess
08:00 pm Dinner
10:45 pm Lights out

Day Two

April 14th, 2018
06:00 am Wake up calls
07:30 am Breakfast
09:00 am Leadership Forum with Mr.Sathya Kumar, CEO - Tycoon+ Advisors
10:15 am Committee session 4
11:30 am Recess
11:45 am Committee session 5
01:15 pm Lunch
02:00 pm Committee session 6
04:00 pm High tea
04:15 pm Committee session 7
05:30 pm Recess
06:15 pm Socials Night
08:00 pm Special Dinner
10:30 pm Lights Out

Day Three

April 15th, 2018
06:00 am Wake up calls
07:30 am Breakfast
09:00 am Leadership forum
10:00 am Committee session 8
12:45 pm Lunch
01:15 pm Committee session 9
03:45 pm High Tea
04:15 pm Closing Ceremony
05:45 pm End of SIMUN - Chapter 2


Meet the team that made all this possible.

Ibson T Advisor
Rolf Swaminathan President
Ajitesh Malli Vice President
Abhinav Treasurer
Darshan Sasikumar Secretary General
Balaprasanth Deputy Secretary General
Mellissa Director General
Sivaraman Director of Operations
Vishnu Krishnadas Director of Administration
Sanjunega Director of Committees
Aakaash Manikanth Director of Public Relations
Rizwin Akbar Director of Logistics
Shrinandh Director of Conference Services
Akshai Head of Organizing Committee
Akshay Sanjeevi Charge D'Affaires
Jaiyakrishna Charge D'Affaires
Sameeksha Mehta Deputy Director of Logistics
Mahek Parmar Deputy Director of Operations
Diya Ratadia Deputy Director of Committees
Amudhan Manivasagam Systems Administrator

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To ensure a high quality conference, the RoP and agendas are being thoroughly reviewed by Team SIMUN and it's Executive Board members. All registered delegates will receive a notification upon release.

Vegetarian food from varying cuisines will be served. On the DJ Night, delegates will have a choice of Non-Vegetarian food.

Yes. The delegate must be studying in grade 6-12 or it's equivalent.

The delegate must be wearing formal wear (western business attire) at all times of conference. However, the delegate may choose to wear traditional clothes on the second day of the conference only . If deemed inappropriate, the delegate will be asked to leave the conference venue and cannot attend committee sessions unless delegate changes to appropriate attire.

No, the delegate is not allowed to switch between committees once allotments have been made, to avoid clashes in allotments to other delegates.

Yes, outstation delegates opting for accommodation and is sized larger than 10 members, pickup and drop from the airport and train/bus stations can be provided. Contact support after registration to request accordingly.

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