Chapter 4 - 2020 Conference

South Indian Model United Nations

10 to 12 April 2020 - Coimbatore, India

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Research. Refine. Reform.

Welcome to the 4th chapter of SIMUN, an experience unique to all who attend. Hundreds of delegates, many committees, one united gathering full of like minded people, discussing and bringing awareness to the most pressing matters the citizens of earth are facing at the moment. Analyse the past and discuss the present to plan for the future. Your journey begins here.

DATE 10-12 April 2020

LOCATION The Indian Public School

COMMITTEES Fun-Filled Committees


The world is big. So are its problems. Discover where and with whom your opinions will make the biggest impact on actual real-world issues.


Ågendas available on mymun

  • UNSC
  • IAEA
  • NATO
  • EU
  • AL
  • NSC (India)
  • IP (Journalism)
  • UNEP
  • Tamil Committee

Tamil Committee

Agenda: One India, One Language, One Policy.

What is the Tamil Committee?

Presenting to you, India's first ever Tamil committee, where students from any educational background can indulge in the wonderful experience SIMUN Chapter 4 has to offer. Why must we confine these committees to one linguistic medium? Well, we shouldn't, and this committee is our first step in breaking this barrier.

With a new language comes a new perspective, and it's thanks to our wonderful sponsors for helping us develop these conferences into what they are today, and what they can become in the future.

Financial Aid for Tamil Committee

For the handful of lucky delegates who agree to be part of the Tamil Committee, their delegation fees are free! With your help, we can keep this committee alive and proudly promote our culture and language together.

Interested in the Tamil Committee ?

*Gmail account required for filling up the form

Conference Schedule

Take a glimpse at what's going to happen during those 3 days of 'conferencing'.
Psst...It's not just debating.

Conference Days

  • Day 1 - 10 April 2020
  • Day 2 - 11 April 2020
  • Day 3 - 12 April 2020
  • Day 1 - 10 April 2019
    07:30 AM Breakfast
    08:45 AM Opening Ceremony

    They say the beginning is the hardest part, so it’s a good sign that our grand opening is going to be awesome! Get ready to speak, to tackle, to formulate, to debate and to win in the most awaited event- SIMUN Chapter 4 begins!

    Speaker : To be announced
    10:00 AM Committee Session - 1
    12:45 PM Lunch
    01:30 PM Committee Session - 2
    03:30 PM Recess
    04:00 PM Keynote Address

    Word to the wise - Listening is the secret to the discovery of great stories. Get on the train down memory lane of orators who have come forth to give you a snapshot of their life and how they got to where they are right now.

    Speaker : To be announced
    05:00 PM Recess
    08:00 PM Dinner
    10:45 PM Lights Out
  • Day 2 - 11 April 2020
    07:30 AM Breakfast
    09:00 AM Leadership Forum

    How are you different? How are you the same? What was their path to success, and how will it change yours? Get to hear influential speakers who have been victorious in their fields and have emerged as wonderful leaders.

    Speaker : To be announced
    10:15 AM Committee Session - 3
    11:30 AM Recess
    11:45 AM Committee Session - 4
    01:15 PM Lunch
    02:00 PM Committee Session - 5
    04:00 PM Recess
    04:15 PM Committee Session - 6
    05:30 PM Recess
    06:15 PM Social Night

    Dance your heart out at the SOCIALS NIGHT! We need a break, don’t we? ‘All work, no fun makes a delegate’s mind go numb!’ Have a blast at the socials, where you can show off your grooves and let loose after a stressful day of debating!

    Featuring : DJ Vanessa
    08:00 PM Special Dinner
    10:45 PM Lights Out
  • Day 3 - 12 April 2020
    07:30 AM Breakfast
    09:00 AM Leadership Forum

    Two is always better than one, well, mostly. All leaders start somewhere, maybe this is yours. Today’s delegates are tomorrow’s leaders. Get another whiff of the journeys and experiences of a few more speakers, and an essence of their endeavours to help, to be recognized, and to be heard. Their struggles and achievements on their journey of doing things that have made significant changes globally.

    Speaker : To be announced
    10:00 AM Committee Session - 7
    12:45 PM Lunch
    01:15 PM Committee Session - 8
    03:45 PM Recess
    04:15 PM Closing Ceremony
    05:45 - 06:00 PM The End of SIMUN Chapter 4

Conference Countdown

10 to 12 April 2020 - Coimbatore, India

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Conference Fee

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The experience
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  • “The SIMUN conference enables people to tackle the fear of conversing with others that have unique perspectives by uniting them with a certain agenda.“
  • “SIMUN is a very eye opening and interesting experience that everyone should get the chance to experience.“
  • “These conferences really helped me develop social and argumentative skills that later on proved to be very useful in life.“
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    • Leadership forums
    • DJ night with special dinner
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Campus Hostel
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Kovilpalayam, Coimbatore


Hotel Holiday Residency
346, Thudiyalur Road,
Saravanampatti, Coimbatore



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